Actie Soccer Arena Kerkrade

Bubble Soccer

At Soccer Arena you can play a game of Bubble Soccer. At Bubble Soccer you get a large air filled plastic ball around you that serves as a pad. Since you can not use your arms when falling, this will be absorbed by the inflated BubbleBal.

Bubble Soccer is not about performance, but about the fun you experience with each other. With the Bubble ball you can play a game of Bubble Soccer, but you can also roll over or hit each other. In addition to football, various game variations are possible.

-not in combination with other offers.

-only valid on presentation of a studentcard.

Roda J.C. Ring 2L
6466 NH, Kerkrade

Monday 15:00 - 23:00
Tuesday 15:00 - 23:00
Wednesday 13:00 - 23:00
Thursday 15:00 - 23:00
Friday 15:00 - 23:00
Saturday 09:00 - 20:00
Sunday 09:00 - 19:00
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