Eerste editie CrossFit Zitterd Games

05 december 2018

Eerste editie CrossFit Zitterd Games

Eind oktober was de eerste editie van de CrossFit Zitterd Games.

In teams of 4, almost 80(!!) people participated in the Games! During the day they had to do 3 workouts:

Event 1: ''Run, Forrest Run'' 6 rounds for time: - 400 M run - 15 synchronized burpees - 10 synchronized box jumps

Event 2: ''Lift or Die'' In 12 minutes find your 1RM Clean And Jerk.

Event 3: '' Row hard or go home'' Row 2k for time

After those 3 workouts the top 3 teams got announced (see the pictures). This first edition of the CrossFit Zitterd Games was a great succes! We had a blast!

A special thanks to iPhone Ambulance / 06-fix for sponsoring the prices, DI-GITTA-AL for designing the logo and the posters, Unbroken Pictures for making the epic photo's, R.R Pictures for making an awesome after movie (coming soon), Glenn Ackermans for calculating all the scores and a BIG thanks to all of the participants for helping out during the day!

On to the next one next year!